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Excellent Guide For Set-up Procedures Of Hydraulic Pumps

Excellent Guide For Set-up Procedures Of Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pump is an important mechanical device used to move liquids in a hydraulic system. It has a wide range of applications. Thus, we should try to learn anything about them to help ourselves know more about it.

Hydraulic pump set-up procedure deserves our study although it may be very complicated. Various steps are involved. The first one is filling the reservoir. You should note that the pump has been shipped without oil in the reservoir. High-grade hydraulic oil has been shipped with the pump in a separate container. If additional oil is required, use high-grade, approved hydraulic oil. To do this step, you should clean the area around the filler cap to remove all dust and grit, and retract all cylinders to the return position. After then, you have to remove the filler cap, and insert a clean funnel and filter, and then fill with hydraulic oil. At last, you should check the oil level in the pump reservoir again.

The second procedure is the hydraulic connections. You have to clean all the areas around the oil ports of the pump and wrench, and then inspect all threads and fittings for signs of wear or damage, and replace as needed. The last step you should do is to remove the thread protectors from the hydraulic oil outlets. Connect the hose assembly to the hydraulic oil outlet, and couple the hose to the wrench.

The third one is priming the pump. When operating the pump for the first time, many things should be cared. 1. Valve and hose connections must be tight, and the reservoir must be filled to the proper oil level. 2. Jog the pump several times to build pressure. If the pump doesn't build pressure, it may not be primed. 3. Disconnect a hose from the system and route it back to the pump reservoir. Run the pump until a steady flow of oil is observed free of suspended air bubbles. Reconnect the hose to the system.4. Run wrench several times to eliminate air from the system. 5. The pump is ready to be put into regular operation.
After the above procedures, you should adjust the pressure regulating valve. For easy adjustment of the pressure regulating valve, you should always adjust the pressure by increasing to the desired pressure setting.

All of these procedures are necessary for the set-up and operation of the hydraulic pumps. So you should always take them into consideration.


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