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Staffa Radial Fixed Displacement Motors HMB Series HMB 045

Staffa Radial Fixed Displacement Motors HMB Series HMB 045
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Brand: Staffa Motor
BigClass: HMB Series
SmallClass: HMB Series HMB 045
Model: All Model
Manufacturer: A&S Hydraulic Co., Ltd
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Staffa HMB single speed piston motor

1. Low speed, high torque hydraulic motor

2. Completely interchangeable with original

3. Widely applicable for engineering machinery, marine boat and mining machinery etc.

4. High mechanical efficiency and starting torque due to the hydrostatic balance built between the piston, con-rod and eccentric sets which reduces the friction between con-rod and eccentric sets, also reduces the side force of pistons, and increases contact pressure ratio between the ball and socket of piston
5. Good sealing capability,less leakage due to applying hydrostatic balance shaft disributor to prevent the shaft tilted; enables continuous woking in high pressure condition (Max. pressure up to 29MPa)

6. Less leakage and higher volumetric efficiency due to the special seal rings
7. Longer overall service life due to the special materials and advanced treatment process in main driving components
8. Ideal replacement of STAFFA due to their same installation data and similar technical performance

9. Staffa HMB Model ranges:HMB080,HMB125,HMB200,HMB270,HMB325,HMB400

10. Very competitive price

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