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Linde HPR130-01

Linde HPR130-01
Price: Conference call
Availability: In Stock
Brand: Linde Pump
BigClass: HPR series 01
Model: All Model
Manufacturer: A&S Hydraulic Co., Ltd
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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Linde pumps range includes:

Variable displacement pumps – high pressure, closed loop HPV-02 series
Self-regulating pumps – high pressure, open loop HPR-02 series
Variable displacement pumps – medium pressure, open loop MPR 50 series
Self-regulating pumps – medium pressure, open loop X20 series

A&S Hydraulics is privileged to be an authorized service center and distributor for Linde Hydraulics. We are factory trained to remanufacture Linde pumps and motors. Call us when you need service on your Linde component.
A&S Hydraulics can provide you with parts and units as well as service these Linde products.

BPR series -01 hydraulic pumps
BPR050-01 BPR075-01 BPR105-01
BPR140-01 BPR186-01 BPR260-01
BPV series -01 hydraulic pumps
BPV035-01 BPV035T-01 BPV050-01
BPV050D-01 BPV050T-01 BPV070-01
BPV070T-01 BPV070X BPV100-01
BPV100D-01 BPV100T-01 BPV200-01
HPR series -01 hydraulic pumps
HPR075X-01 HPR090-01 HPR100/BPV100T-01
HPR100-01 HPR100D-01 HPR100X-01 HPR115-01
HPR130 -01 HPR130/BPV100T-01 HPR130-01 HPR130D-01
HPR160/130D-01 HPR160-01 HPR160D -01
HPR series -02 hydraulic pumps
HPR055-02 HPR075-02 HPR075-02 HPR105-02 HPR105D-02
HPR135/HPR105T-02 HPR135/HPV135T-02 HPR135-02 HPR210-02
HPV series -01 hydraulic pumps
HPV series -02 hydraulic pumps
HPV/HMF055-02 HPV/HMF075-02 HPV055-02
HPV055T-02 HPV075-02 HPV075T-02
HPV105/075D-02 HPV105-02 HPV105T-02
HPV135-02 HPV135T-02 HPV210-02
HPV210T-02 HPV280-02
MF/PF series hydraulic pumps
MF/PF020 MF/PF035 MF/PF050 MF/PF075
MF/PF105 MF/PF140 MF/PF186 MF/PF296
MPF, MPR, MPV & PV series hydraulic pumps
MPF055-01 MPR028-01 MPR043-01 MPR045-01
MPR063-01 MPR063T-01 MPR071-01 MPV043-01
MPV043T-01 MPV063-01 MPV063T-01
PV035 PV050 PV075
PV105 PV140 PV186
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