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Fairey Arlon Hydraulic Filter MB6

Fairey Arlon Hydraulic Filter MB6
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Brand: Fairey Arlon Hydraulic Filter
Model: All Model
Manufacturer: A&S Hydraulic Co., Ltd
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Highly effective barrier to particles and pathogens a pore structure down to 0.2 microns to offer maximum protection
Long Life / Long term value
the filters may be cleaned, when used on turbid water, which allows re-use and gives 6-12 months life
the ceramic is made from 100% natural earths and uses coconut shell carbon
Minerals maintained
the filters do not remove those minerals from the water which are beneficial to health
Enhanced anti-bacterial properties
FICL鈥檚 ceramics contain trace elements of silver to inhibit microbiological growth on the filter
Multi-stage filtration in one cartridge
other filter media can be put inside the ceramic filer candle. Activated carbon can be incorporate to remove chlorine, or an ion exchange resin to remove heavy metals such as lead
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