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Denison Vane Pump T7B-B14-4L00-A 5M0

Denison Vane Pump T7B-B14-4L00-A 5M0
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Brand: Denison Vane Pump
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Manufacturer: A&S Hydraulic Co., Ltd
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Denison Vane Pump T7B-B14-4L00-A 5M0
The high pressure capability up to 320 bar, in the small envelope, reduces installation
costs and provides extended life at reduced pressure.
The high volumetric efficiency, typically better than 94%, reduces heat generation,
and allows speeds down to 600 RPM at full pressure.
The high mechanical efficiency, typically better than 94%, reduces energy consumption.
The wide speed range (600 RPM at 3600 RPM), combined with large size cartridge
displacements will optimize operation for the lowest noise level in the smallest
The low speed (600 RPM), low pressure, high viscosity (860 cSt) allows application
in cold environment with a minimum energy consumption and without risk of
The low ripple pressure (脗卤 2 bar) reduces piping noise and increases lifetime of other
components in the circuit.
The high resistance to particle contamination, because of the double lip vane,
increases pump life.
The large variety of options (cam displacement, shaft, porting) allows customized
Noise : Specially designed to optimize the low noise level characteristics.
Cartridge concept : drops maintenance costs by two.
We can provide the model mentioned,
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