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Bent axis type axial piston pumps LX (V) / LZ (V) series

Bent axis type axial piston pumps LX (V) / LZ (V) series
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Brand: Kawasaki Pump
BigClass: Axial Piston Pumps
SmallClass: LX (V) / LZ (V) series
Model: All Model
Manufacturer: A&S Hydraulic Co., Ltd
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Bent axis type axial piston pumps LX (V) / LZ (V) series





displacement (cm3): 32.4-507

pressure (MPa): 34.3

Applications: For Industrial Use

For Marine Machinery


¡¤    As a hydraulic pump for press machinery, the "L-series" hydraulic pump has various control, and high efficiency and long life. There various pumps help you to select the best pump for your needs.

¡¤    LXV/ELZV series hydraulic pumps are long life, strengthened bearing type LX/EELZ series pumps. They can operate for long periods of time under severe conditions: high pressure continuous drive, use of fire resistant fluid, etc.

model LX / LZ-030 LX / LZ-060 LX / LZ-090 LX (V) / LZ (V)-120 LX (V) / LZ (V)-180 LX (V) / LZ (V)-260 LX (V) / LZ (V)-500
displacement (cm3) 32.4 63.4 84.3 124 174 260 507
rated 34.3[350]
max 39.2[400]
ratedspeed (min-1) 1,800 1,200

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