How to Use an IV Pump

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How to Use an IV Pump

n intravenous pump is commonly used when an order is written for continuous fluids or medications by a patient's medical provider. The IV pump allows the medication or other prescribed fluid to be given over a period of time at a specified rate. It is important to use the correct medication and infusion rate when using an IV pump so that the patient is properly cared for
Instructions1Verify if the IV pump is for adults or children.2Confirm that the IV tubing is not out of date, connected properly and free from leaks and kinks.Sponsored LinksProcon PumpsRotary Vane and Gear Pumps Choice of OEM's around the worldwww.proconpumps.com3Wash and dry hands before touching the IV pump. Enter the infusion rate into the pump, as written on the medical order.4Monitor the power level and infusion rate of the pump periodically to ensure the medication is being properly dispensed at all times.
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