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SUPERCHANGER plate corrugations are available in four
patterns. Depending on the applications, the GF, UX, SX,
GC and GX Series plates are used to achieve maximum heat

UX, SX and GC Series plates: Herringbone (chevron) pattern
is ideally suited for handling aqueous solutions.

GF Series: Wide gap and parallel (washboard) patterns are
designed for applications where there are high viscosity fluids or
fluids containing ambers or coarse particles.

GX Series: An asymmetrical four quadrant plate suited for low
viscosity and close temperature approach applications or processes
involving two vastly different low rates. It is also well suited for
equal flows and close approach.

All plates are manufactured from die-formed sheet metal in
virtually any material that can be cold worked, such as stainless
steel, titanium, Alloy C-276, Alloy-20, etc. There are grooves
around the circumference of the plates which accept the sealing
gasket and also add reinforcement because of the ribbed edges.
Fluid passage holes are pierced at the corners of each plate. The
number and location of the holes is dependent upon the design

The gaskets are single piece, molded construction, and generally
bonded to the plates with Pliobond 30 adhesive. The gasket
material is selected for compatibility with the fluids being
processed and the operating temperatures.

Each plate also contains flow directors at the top and bottom
of the heat transfer surface in the port hole areas, which evenly
distribute the fluids. Some plates require a hanger, which attaches
the plate to the upper guide bar. For most models, the upper
guide bar is the plate鈥檚 sole support member in the frame, while
the lower guide bar serves as an alignment member in all plates
except the UXP-005 and the UXP-001, which are supported by
the lower guide bar. See Figures 4 through 7 and Tables 1a and
2 for specific models.

Tranter Hydraulic Cooler


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