Kompass Vane Pump

The Kompass pumps range includes:

Fixed displacement vane pumps: 50T, 150T, PV2R1, PV2R2, PV2R3, VQ15, VQ25, VQ35, FA1, FB1 series
Fixed displacement double vane pumps: 50T + 50T, 150T +50T, 150T + 150T, PV2R12, PV2R13, VQ215, VQ315, VQ225, VQ325 series

Combination pumps (with fixed displacement vane pump): 50T+SL, 150T+SL, VD1+SL, VE1+SL series
Variable displacement vane pumps: VD2, VE2, VF2, VK2, VA1, VB1, VC1, VD1, VE1, VD3, VF3, VK3, VFA1, VFB1, VFD1, VFE1 series

Variable displacement double vane pumps: VA1A1, VB1B1, VD1D1, VE1E1 series
Variable displacement piston pumps: V15, V18, V23, V50, V70, AR, PVS series
High-pressure vane pumps: HVQ20 series
Fixed displacement high-pressure vane pumps: T6C, T6D, T6E, T6CC, T6DC, T6EC, T6ED, T6DR, T6ER, T6DRS, DVQ20, DVQ25 series
High pressure variable displacement pumps: PV series

Kompass Vane Pump


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