Kawasaki Screw Pump

KAWASAKI SCREW PUMP is a constant placement, rotary, screw type pump having a very simple
construction. It has only three moving parts, i.e., a power rotor and two idler rotors, and fluid is propelled
axially in a constant flow through these three rotors.

The three rotors mesh smoothly and perfectly inside sleeve. The idler rotors turn by action of fluid pumped and act as sealing element since idler rotors perform no work, rotors need not be connected by gears for power transmission.

The sealed closures formed by meshing of rotors within sleeve enfold fluid being pumped. As the rotors
turn, these closures move axially, providing a continuous smooth flow of the fluid without causing any churning.

The thrust force generated by delivery pressure imposes no load on the pumping frame. This is because
oil pressure is balanced at all times by patented oil hydraulic balancing construction.

THE KAWASAKI-SCREW PUMPS have been manufactured since 1936 and they are now being supplied to
meet the growing demand in all industrial fields. With their capacity ranging from 10 to 700 L /min, the KAWASAKI-SCREW PUMPS are employed for a great diversity of purposes including conveyance of heavy oils, lube oil service, pressure delivery as well as for hydraulic applications.

A large number of the KAWASAKI-SCREW PUMPS have been supplied for use as high speed hydraulic
(1,000,600 min-1).

Kawasaki Screw Pump


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