Barnes Hydraulic Power Unit

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Haldex Barnes GC8000 & GC8001 Series DC Hydraulic Power Units offer you virtually limitless choices - from a selection of pre-assembled units, to a wide range of complete units assembled to your specifications, to the
individual component kits which enable you to create or modify a unit to meet your exact requirements.
GC8000 Series: GC8000 Units can be configured in 4 different ways. 1: Basic Power Unit with no directional
valving. Add a remote mounted directional valve to run either single acting or double acting cylinder. 2: Manual Control Power Unit. Has manual valve to start unit and operate a single acting cylinder. 3: Remote Control Power Unit. Has solenoid valving to remotely operate a single acting cylinder. 4: Power Unit with 1 or 2 station NFPA D03 Parallel Manifold. The Power Unit has an o-ring seal machined surface that can accept manifold kits for subplate mounted valves. These valves can perform a wide variety of functions.
GC8001 Series: GC8001 Units can be configured in 3 different ways: 1: Remote Control Power Unit. 4-Way
solenoid operated cartridge valves to operate double acting cylinder or reversing motor. 2: Direct Mount NFPA D03 Pad Power Unit. Has a single D03 mounting pad that eliminates the need for manifold adapters. Valves perform a wide variety of functions. 3: Manual 4-Way Valve Power Unit. Has 3-position 4-way Tandem center manual valve with integral motor relay switch. Handle movement in either direction from center will start unit and direct flow to either double acting cylinder or reversing motor.

Design Features: Close-coupled DC motors with Oldham coupling for accurate alignment. Hardened and ground alloy-steel gears and shafts. Precision needle bearings. High strength, fine grain cast iron pump housings. Spring-loaded lip-type pump shaft seals. Corrosion resistant externally mounted valves. Cartridge-type check valves and externally adjustable relief valves. 100 mesh reinforced brass inlet strainers. 40 micron dry element type breathers. Powder coated drawn steel reservoirs with magnetic particle collector. Units mount horizontally
(Optional breather elbow kit for vertical mount - see kits).
** WARNING **: 12VDC units with .250" gear, over a 5 minute period, can run for 1 minute at 500 psi, or 1/2
minute at 2000 psi, then must be turned off and allowed to cool. See the Technical Information section for
allowable motor duty cycle times for all gear widths at various pressure levels.
Repair & Customizing Kits: GC8000 Kits page 1232 GC8001 Kits page 1233
Model Codes: GC8000 Model Codes page 1251 GC8001 Model Codes page 1252
Technical Information: page 1253

Barnes Hydraulic Power Unit


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